Get Rid Of Foot Pain In Minutes With THESE 6 Effective Stretches

Do you still remember the lyric of the skeleton dance’s song? ”The foot bone connected to the leg bone, the leg bone connected to your knee bone, the knee bone connected to the thigh bone…” The song is really silly, yet it teaches as about something that is very important, how all the bones in our body are connected to each other.

So it’s not surprise when one part of your body hurts, the pain could spread to its surrounding. Have you ever experience the paint that starts in your foot eventually goes all the way up to your leg? That’s because everything is connected, especially in your feet.

Foot pain can occur due to so many things, including arthritis, bunions, overlapping toes, athlete’s foot, corns, heel spurs, and ingrown toenails. All those thing can cause some kind of discomfort.

Do you know that everything in your body are connected to your feet? Chinese reflexology which has been around for centuries believe that feet are the source of your health. Besides, there are also many different detox footbath which were created based on the premise that your feet are the best place to draw toxins out from your body.

The Simple Solutions for Foot Pain

The simplest thing you can do to alleviate foot pain is by doing stretches. Stretching your foot is very easy and need nothing but 5 minutes of your time. You can even do it while having your meal.

Toe Raise Exercise

This exercise is actually pretty easy, but for some people, it can be extremely hard. To do this, you just need to lift your toes. Stand on your feet then lift all of your toes upward. Make sure that your pinky toe rise the same height as your big toe. Repeat it five times for each foot

Toe Lift Exercise

Just lower your big toe from the toe raise position. Let the other toes remain on the upward position. This may be a bit difficult, but “smart” feet are more balance and stronger. If you cannot press your big toe down, you can press your pinky toe down. Do it alternately five times for each toe on each foot.

Rock out Exercise

Rock your weight to the outside of your foot while you’re standing, lift our weight off the inside of the foot. After that, rock inward until your weight placed on the inside of your foot. Do it to both feet together with 10 times repetition.

Stretching Your Ankle

Loop an exercise ball around a chair leg or table. Put your foot in the position where the ball of your rest against the bank. After that, press your toes toward to the ground. Do it for 15 times repetition.

Rubbing Your Feet against Tennis Ball

Place your foot on a tennis ball and roll the tennis ball under your feet with gentle pressure. Do it to both feet. When you finish, tilt your foot so the toes will point toward your knee. After that, stretch out your toes so they will point down.

Toes and Fingers

Toes and Fingers

Sit with your legs in front of you and toes pointing up at the ceiling. Lean forward and touch your toes with your fingers, then pull them back gently. This could be quite hard for some people. If you can’t do with both feet at the same time, you can do it to one foot alternately.

If you haven’t exercise for a while, the above stretches might be pretty difficult. But keep going, you will get used to it soon.

Other Tips for Food Care

Other than the above stretches, you can also do some other activities to restore balance, strength and the overall health of your legs.

Doing yoga. Yoga is another great way to train your feet since most of yoga poses is ground on the feet. You can learn about how to restore the balance to your body. You will also gain a sense of emotional health.

Walking barefoot outside. This is called earthing and this activity offer a lot of health benefits. Since your feet are flexible, it can grip uneven surface. You can buy a shoes with individual toes if you don’t have a backyard. It may look ridiculous but your feet will surely benefit from it.

Soaking your feet in Epsom Salt. Epsom salt has the ability to detoxify your feet. I can also boost your magnesium intake

Using Proper Footwear. Though this may sound simple, many women may find this hard to do because it means they have to forget high heels. Other than high heels, you should also avoid shoes that are constricting your feet completely.

Go to a specialist. If the pain on your feet remain even after you do all the stretches, then you need to go to a doctor. They know how to treat your feet to make it regain its strength and balance

Do not overlook the health of your foot, especially if you have diabetes. The health of your foot is important to your overall health. So take care of your foot properly.


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