Get Rid Of Cockroaches Forever With This Trick!

If there is any bug that strikes an equal measure of fright and disgust, it is the cockroach.

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This bug can be so annoying because of its seeming difficulty in eliminating.

It is so difficult to kill that it literally frustrates everyone. Hitting it may stun it but somehow it always manages to survive.

A funny fact about World War II is that after the U.S nuclear bombing of Japan in 1945, it was reported that cockroaches were among the only creatures to survive bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Did you know that cockroaches are so hard to kill that they can even survive a decapitation?

That’s right! Cockroaches can survive in just about any condition and in just about any situation.

It is scary when you think about it, however there is a solution to get rid of those irritating cockroaches in your home and office.

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Learn This Trick To Eliminate These Pests!

You will need the following components and ingredients to create this homemade Cockroach repellent.

  • Get a bowl
  • Also a fork
  • Boric acid 100% quality
  • Eggs
  • Sugar


  • For about 12-15 minutes let the eggs boil.
  • Take off the egg shell, be careful though as they would be hot.
  • Take out the yoke and put them in another bowl.
  • Get rid of the egg whites they are not needed.
  • Then mix the yokes with about 2.5 oz of boric acid.
  • Add about a cup or half a cup of sugar.
  • Add sugar you get a smooth consistent blend. It will appear like dough.

You should know that this repellent is totally harmless and it’s safe to handle and to touch.

However, he careful leaving it in the presence of kids and your pets as it should not be ingested.

If you are able to achieve a dough like consistency, then you should roll the mixture into balls.

Once you have gotten them in a ball form you can put them at strategic locations in your office or home.

You can place them on your shelves, cabinets and in your closets, places where cockroaches can be easily seen.

However, you should concentrate all your efforts in your bathroom because it is moist and dark, the ideal habitation for cockroaches.

You will be amazed by the number of cockroaches you will find dead in your home after placing these homemade cockroach repellent balls.

Your home if office will be free of these disgusting bugs once and hopefully for all.


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