Get Rid Of Cellulite With Homemade Coffee-Peeling


Almost every other woman has cellulite.

Cellulite consists of fats, toxins, and water, which gather under the skin creating lumps that resemble orange peels.

In this article we will present some awesome tricks that will help you get rid of these annoying lumps on your thighs.

Cellulite’s number one enemy is caffeine. It reduces deposits and supplies the skin with antioxidants, but only if it‘s applied externally. It has been proven that if you use caffeine this way (it’s necessary to rub) and on a regular basis, it will reduce the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine is especially efficient over the long-term.

Ingredients needed:

– 6 cups of coconut oil

– 1 cup of coarse ground coffee

– 3 tablespoons of sea salt


Mix the coffee and salt in a big container that can be tightly closed. If the coconut oil is in a firm state, melt it in the microwave before you add it to the coffee and salt. Then, stir the mixture well and tightly close the container you are using.


To get the best possible results, before showering, massage your body with a dry brush to stimulate circulation. Gently massage all of the affected areas with circular motions.

Apply the peel while you are in the shower. Don’t forget to gently massage while applying. Circular motions are recommended.

Repeat this procedure on a daily basis to get the best possible results.



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