Get Rid of Bunions Naturally With This Simple But Powerful Remedy


For those who do not know, bunions are salt deposits. Their occurrence is influenced by improper nutrition, gout, wearing uncomfortable shoes, poor metabolism, influenza, rheumatic infection and tonsillitis.

Bunions are a true “nightmare”. It is almost impossible to find proper footwear because they are irritating, annoying and give you pretty unattractive appearance of your foot.

Recipe for treating bunions:

Before we describe the recipe, we need to mention to prepare this recipe in the evening. Put a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves in a bowl and pour 300 ml of water over it. Cook the mixture for 5 minutes and let it stand still overnight.

Strain the resulting mixture the next morning and drink small sips during the whole day. Remember not to drink the whole mixture at once!

Repeat this procedure for the next three days. Make sure you prepare a fresh drink every evening. After those three days have passed, wait for a week to pass and repeat the whole treatment again.

There is no need to worry if you are urinating way too often. In fact, this is a good sign because the salt deposited in your body has finally started to dissolve. This way it irritates the bladder.

The first results should be noticeable after 10 days.

The annoying joint pain will eventually be gone and you will feel relieved afterwards.

In order for the bunions to disappear completely you need to conduct this treatment for about 2 whole months.

Pour 100 ml of 96% alcohol over 5 large crushed bay leaves. Let the mixture stand still for a week, then strain it.

Apply some of the resulting mixture onto the bunions, but before you do it, soak both your feet in 3 liters of warm water mixed with one tablespoon of baking soda.

Dry your feet, apply the remedy and put short cotton socks on. The combination of aspirin and iodine works very well in the process of treating joint pains, bunions, and other types of growths.

Recipe 2: Regular soaps can also relieve the inflammation and pain caused by bunions.

Grate some soap, apply it onto the sore spot and gently massage the affected area. Rinse your feet with lukewarm water, dry them and apply some iodine in the net-like drawing.

The best way to do this is soak a cotton wool in a povidone-iodine and then draw a “net” over the bunions. You just need to simply cross over some vertical and horizontal lines, one centimeter apart from each other. When Iodine is applied this way, its absorption properties work very well. Let the iodine dry on your skin before you put some socks on. Repeat the whole treatment for the next 30 days.

You can also treat bunions with equal parts of lemon juice and iodine. This treatment is also very efficient if you are trying to treat “heel spur”.

Source: Health And Healthy Living


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