Get Rid Of Foot Pain In Minutes With THESE 6 Effective Stretches

The bones of your feet and legs are connected one way or another. That is why if you injure a toe you tend to feel pain right up your leg.

You could have pain of varying degrees in your feet as a result of the following;

  • In-grown toenails
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Overlapping toes
  • Corns
  • Heel spurs
  • Bunions
  • Arthritis

Ancient traditional Chinese reflexology believe that your organs are linked with your toes and feet and it has been practised for over a thousand years.

Foot baths are also used to remove harmful toxins from your body as the belief is that your feet is the best place for detoxification.

Stretching Solution To Resolving Foot Pains

You might not want to do this considering that in most cases pampering your painful feet seems to be the obvious thing to do. However, you can do foot stretches in the morning and for just about 5 minutes, they are easy to do and very effective.

Try Raising Your Toes

Try standing on your feet and raising all your toes. Do this for about five times for both foot.

Do The Toe Lifts

While raising all your toes try and lower your big toe, it’s pretty difficult while all your other toes are up but try it anyway. You should also alternate lowering your big toe and pinky try this for five consecutive times.

Do The Rock Out

You should stand and try putting weight on the inside of your feet. Rock forward and upward, then place your weight on the ball of your feet, do this in ten tries.

Try The Ankle Stretch Exercise

You can use a stretchy exercise ball for this exercise and just loop it around the leg of a table or chair. Then try to hook your foot through it, in a way that the ball of your foot will lay on the band. Stretch by pressing your toes on the ground and repeat this stretch fifteen times.

Excellent Tennis Ball Rub Exercise

Get a tennis ball and roll the ball under your feet while you apply some pressure to it. Once the ball is underneath your feet try raising your toes upwards and alternate by lowering them downwards to the ground to give it a good stretch.

Interlinked Fingers And Toes

You can sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you and your toes facing upwards. Try to lean forward and interlink your fingers with your toes. Gently pull back and it’s quite a tricky exercise but with practise you will get a hang of it.

Practice makes perfect so keep trying these stretches everyday until you get used to them and they become second nature.


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