Gain All Benefits Of This Beverage Which Is Perfect For The Hot Summer Days!

We are talking about coconut milk. 

Coconut has extremely cooling energy and is an excellent choice for hot summer days. Coconut milk is extremely versatile and has many purposes in the kitchen. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and beneficial fats. But its advantages do not end up in the kitchen. In addition, it can serve as a drug, and is also very effective in cosmetic products.

Here is just a part of this beverage’s benefits:

You can add coconut milk in your morning coffee and gain more energy than usual. Not just because of caffeine but also because of electrolytes contained in coconut milk. Coconut also contains potassium, sodium, magnesium chloride. All these compounds help the body and maintain it hydrated and stimulate its functions.

Besides that, it contains 89 mg. of magnesium in one teaspoon, which makes it rich source of minerals that help in soothing nerves and maintaining and regulating normal blood pressure.

Coconut milk is useful in moisturizing the skin to be soft and smooth. Apply a thin layer of coconut milk on a clean face, leave it to act for 15 minutes and then rinse it using clean water. The skin will be very soft afterwards.

Thanks to saturated fats, coconut milk can help reduce cholesterol.

You can easily make coconut milk at home.

Ingredients needed:

-- 1 big cup of organic coconut flour

-- 2 big cups of warm water

-- Vanilla powder (optional)

Method of preparation:

Pour the warm water into a bowl in which you have previously put the coconut flour and stir for a few minutes in order for the coconut to release its oil. Strain the resulting mixture through thick gauze -- Press out strongly in order to gain as much milk as you can. That is it.

Transfer the resulting liquid in a glass jar and keep the jar in the refrigerator.

Shelf life: 3 days.


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