Fruit for Health and Beauty

Fruit for Health and Beauty

Antioxidants are a set of natural compounds in the body that have an important role in protecting your organism from harmful effects of free radicals.

Two main sources of antioxidants are our body and the foods we consume. When our body is depleted in antioxidants, bacteria can easily attack.

The best source of antioxidants is fresh fruit, which is not only delicious but it is also ideal for our beauty, health and slim body. Fruits that contain the most antioxidants:



Prunes -- which are ideal in the fight against high cholesterol and strengthens bones.



Raisins -- which help in maintaining healthy teeth and eyes.


Blueberry -- not only these berries are excellent antioxidants, they reduce the risk of various diseases as well.


Strawberries -- which contain very few calories and are great aphrodisiac.


Grapefruit -- which helps in losing weight, accelerate metabolism and encourages fat burning.


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