Fruit Flies Detect Cancer In Early Stages


Cancer cells have a characteristic odor and fruit flies have a well developed sense of smell, which can recognize the early signs of the disease.

Scientists called this fly Drosophilidae. Its size usually does not exceed over two millimeters and it seems like people feel uncomfortable around it. Drosophilidae interacts with people only to get smashed in the end of the relationship. But, this new medical knowledge can change that relationship.

Scientists have shown that this fly can be pretty beneficial and can save many lives. Even though dogs can sense cancer cells because of their smell, this fact does not help scientists much. On the other hand, drosophilidae is perfect for experimentation and breeding, says a professor involved in this subject.

Robot and Drosophilidae

In a laboratory, in the neurobiology section, there is a special device. The device is actually a robot with injection in its hand which works on a 20 glass containers at the same time.

This robot takes out a certain scent out of a bottle and spreads it on a fruit fly. Then, the robot focuses one miniature metal tile with its hand. This tile would be the core of the experiment.

Scientists really cannot see any flies or tiles, but with the computer’s help they can tell which scent is inhaled by the fly at the moment.

Colorful cells

Each scent isclearlypresentedon the computer’s monitor. If the fly is breathing in cancer cell scent, there will be special graphic order on the monitor which tells that there is cancer. Drosophilidae’s sense of smell is so evolved that they can even smell different types of cancer.


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