For Fit Body: 4 Things You Should Count That Are Not Calories


There are lot of other types of counting , besides counting calories, which you should do on a daily basis.

-- 8 glasses of water a day

By consuming this much water, you will strongly hydrate your whole organism. If you do not enter as much water as needed, your metabolism will slow and you will lose excess weight much harder.

-- 7 hours of sleep

You have increased feeling of hunger due to lack of sleep. This is why you should sleep enough. This way you will normalize your metabolism and will decrease the feeling of hunger.

-- 4 times of exercise a week

Persistence leads to great results. This is why you should eat more frequently.

-- 2 cps of fruit a day

Foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber will give you the feeling of satiety for a longer period of time and will provide the necessary intake of vitamins. Besides healthy meals, you will do not have the need to entering junk food.


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