Food For Body Shaping and Fat Reduction

Your diet does not have to be torture with salads, cheeses and hard meat! Find out which foods will help you lose weight.

Avocado - The Miracle FruitAvocado -- rich in monosaturated fat, has slow digestion and encourages secretion of hormones that give a feeling of satiety. People on a diet with restricted calorie intake, which switched to avocado, can lose more weight than those who bring an equal number of calories into their body, but without the avocado.

25 Alternative Uses for Olive OilOlive Oil -- Its strong antioxidant effect is great because it reduces inflammation and prevents cell damage that can be instigators of some chronic diseases.

yoghurtYogurt -- It is full of protein and provides additional power. Yogurt is also the best solution for digestion problems. In one serving it has about 20 grams of protein, same as if you ate half a chicken breast. Because of its density and creamy texture it is ideal for salads and is better choice than mayonnaise.

PepsiCoQuakerOatsPorridge Oats -- out of all carbohydrate, oats will give you the longest lasting satiety feeling, because they are digested very slowly. They contain eight grams of fiber, about a third of your daily needs. If going to eat porridge in the morning, stable blood sugar levels will be maintained during the whole day.

DSCN4854 (1)Lean Beef -- is excellent source of proteins and its intake in your diet can keep the muscles from damage. Australian scientists have discovered that women who consume lean red spot beef six times a week are losing about 25 percent more weight than those who do not eat it. However, be careful not to overdo, because too much meat can have a damaging effect on digestion and is associated with cancer.

923363_511849208868160_1799501012_nPopcorn -- They are actually whole grains but are burst. If you want a healthy meal, bake them in olive oil but do not salt them too much. One cup of popcorn has only 30 calories. Of course, this does not apply to the popcorn made in microwave because that one is cancerous.

csipkebogyo_1_2Rosehip -- seeds are rich in folic acid and have many antioxidants. A high bar has only about 230 calories and is an excellent substitute for a meal.


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