Five Truths You Must Know Before Starting Anti-cellulite Fight


Statistics say that 90% of women who suffer from cellulite should not be encouraged to sit with folded hands and consoled by the words “we all have cellulite, it is not scary.” Rather, it should be reminded that cellulite is a problem that needs to be fought on a daily basis.

This is the time of the year when many women begin the fight against the greatest enemy of the beautiful and attractive legs -- cellulite. In order for this “mission” to be successful, it is good to know these five truths about the “orange peel”.

1. Cellulite is not a fat tissue

Cellulite is recesses and nodes that are visible when fat will be distributed in small “pockets” throughout the skin.

2. Sunbathing encourages cellulite

A large percentage of the female population attend solarium or long sunbathing on the beach, believing when darker, cellulite will be less visible, but the truth is that UV rays enhance cellulite because it damages the collagen in the skin -- a protein crucial to the health and elasticity of the skin.

3. Weight loss does not mean cellulite loss

Greater body weight means greater possibility of appearance of cellulite, but once you lose weight, the tissue remains stretched and damaged. Inflammation, genes and hormonal imbalance are factors that determine the amount of cellulite a person has.

4. Caffeine cream and retinol can help in eliminating of cellulite

Caffeine stimulates blood circulation and temporarily reduces fat cells, while retinol helps in long-term recovery of cells. Experts recommend to first apply the cream containing retinol, and then cream with caffeine.

5. Physical activities can also contribute in the fight against cellulite

Interval trainings burn fat and also help the cellulite to be less visible. Yoga is also a good ally in the fight against “orange peel”.


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