Five Tricks Against Pains That Will Make You Forget All About Doctors


Coughs, clogged sinuses, and headaches are all parts of seasonal colds, viruses, and the flu. Instead of reaching for medications, pills, and syrups, soothe the symptoms using natural agents.

  1. Oregano (oregano vulgare) against cough

Tea, in combination with lemon and honey, is a great remedy against cough. But if you are bothered by a persistent cough and are annoyed by throat pain, try adding several drops of essential oregano oil in a glass of warm water. This combination will soothe the symptoms and make you feel better.

  1. Menthol against clogged sinuses

If you are dealing with clogged sinuses during the winter period, if you can, you should purchase air moisturizer. These household devices create moisture in the room you are in, so it is not warm and dry. This will open up your airways and you will breathe more easily.

Similarly, you can unclog your sinuses using menthol based gels. Apply some of this gel under your nose and breathe deeply.

  1. Lavender against headache

Lavender has the ability to loosen tense neck muscles and soothe pains. By deeply inhaling lavender oil, you can get rid of headache in no time.

  1. Yoga against insomnia

Yoga can help everyone, especially grownups, reduce insomnia. People who practice yoga find it easier to fall asleep, and sleep approximately one hour longer than those who do not. Yoga is calming and relaxing, but, you can try any other physical activity.

  1. Ice against irritated muscles

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best ones. In order to prevent harsh muscle pain after exhausting exercises, apply cold coatings onto the affected muscles. You can also reduce the pain by taking a cold shower. This reducing inflammation and eases tension.


You can fight winter depression with turmeric. This great yellow Asian spice can improve your mood because it possesses antidepressant properties. It can also help you against colds and flu.


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