Five Reasons Because Of Which You Cannot Lose Weight


Many factors are involved in the weight loss process. As soon as someone mentions “losing weight” the first thing we think of is starvation and limited diet. However, there are many other important things we neglect, because of which weight loss seems like mission impossible.

-- Short sleep

Sleep less than 6 hours a day is closely associated with obesity. The results of a survey conducted on 70,000 women, confirms those who have slept barely 5 hours around the clock, have had problems with excess weight.

-- Wrong exercises

Any exercises are good for the body. But if you want to lose weight then you must know which exercise will help the process. Of course, you need to practice exercises that will include several groups of muscles. You must not focus on one group of muscles alone.

-- Age

Over the years, the body goes through many changes, but the most noticeable changes happen after 35 or 40 years of life. As we get older, our metabolism slows, and thus losing weight is very difficult. Hormones play very important part in women, especially in menopause when they start “raving”. This is the time when women gain weight in the stomach and waist area.

-- Stress

Stress is a disease of the modern age that is also associated with obesity. When we are stressed, we are prone to unhealthy and fatty foods and unhealthy lifestyles. Also, cortisol levels increase due to stress. Cortisol helps in the process of regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. So, when we are under stress our body builds up fat.

-- Processed food

Snacks such as chips, sweets, chocolate, soft drinks and fried foods are our greatest enemies. They are nothing but empty calories which saturate us shortly. These snacks are full of fat which is later turned into fat deposits difficult to get rid of.


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