Find Out How Old Is The Egg You Are About To Eat, In Less Than 5 Seconds


Today we will teach you an interesting trick which you can use to tell if the egg is eatable or not and how many days has passed since it was laid.
Here is what you need to do:

Fill a half of a bowl with water and put the egg in it.

  • The freshest egg

You will know that the egg is fresh if it sinks down to the bottom of the bowl as soon as you put it in. The egg will stay still even after it hits the bottom.

  • 7  days old egg

When you put 7-days old egg in the bowl with water it will sink to the bottom like the freshest one. The first egg lays down to the bottom flat, while this one will “stand” vertical. With its one end it will touch the bottom while the other one will be up.

  • 21 days old egg

This egg will not sink to the bottom nor will be floating on the surface. It will balance itself somewhere in the middle of the water.

  • Old egg

When it comes to old eggs, the truth is that they are dangerous for our health. You will know the egg is bad and old when you see it floating on the surface of the water after you put it in the bowl.


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