FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

After years of being economical with the true situation of things the FDA has finally admitted to consumers that your regular chicken has arsenic which is a known chemical that is toxic and can cause cancer.

When taken in high doses it can also be deadly. What is even more worrying is the thought of how this chemical gets in your regular chicken which is consumed by millions of people daily.

Arsenic apparently is a component in the chicken feed and has been given to chicken in the United States for over 60 years now. The chemical ends up in the meat of the chicken which eventually is consumed by people and increasing their risk of having cancer.

It must be said that this fact is not new as agitators had previously warned the public of this danger, but both the poultry industry and FDA had vehemently denied that arsenic was being added to chicken feed and had been that way for the better part of the last century.

The FDA and poultry industry had said that chicken feces had mist of the arsenic and there was no risk of meat contamination. Alarmingly this claim was never presented with any form of scientific backing and was always clouded in suspicion.

With the recent admittance by the FDA, major players in the poultry feeds industry and their products such as the Roxarsone feed have been recalling all their poultry feeds recently distributed.

The best known company responsible for adding arsenic in chicken feed is Pfizer. This company is no stranger to controversy as it is known to have added chemical adjuvants to vaccines administered to children.

Interestingly, a subsidiary of Pfizer -- Alpharma LLC is known to be responsible for the production of the Roxarsone chicken feed.

This company has agreed to pull all their feeds from the shelves in the U.S but not in countries where it is exported to as according to them the regulatory bodies in those countries have not raised any alarm requiring the recalling of its products.

Pfizer’s Research and Development division for Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine said through Scott Brown that it’s product is sold in about twelve other countries and that they are currently communicating with those countries regulatory authorities and they would decide whether or not their product would be sold predominantly to individuals.

FDA seems determined to live in denial as it has said that the arsenic found in the meat of chicken which it states is a carcinogenic compound and therefore can cause cancer in consumers is in very low amounts that it is deemed as harmless.

The FDA and the National Chicken Council seem to be in agreement on this matter. With the latter stating also that “chicken is safe to eat”, this statement following the recall of feeds with arsenic by producers.

The inconsistency and seeming ineptitude of the FDA has shocked the American public especially with their admittance. It seems FDA would rather focus on prohibiting the  sale of elderberry juice.

A producer of elderberry juice was only recently harassed by the FDA who conducted an armed raid of their factory claiming that the company had been engaged in the illicit sale of “unapproved drugs” and has committed a “crime” by doing so.

A focus on producers of nutritional or natural herbal products is on by the FDA as they have attacked dozens of these manufacturers.

Even though their products are backed by scientific research that prove that they are beneficial to the health of consumers, this has not swayed the FDA from muscling and intimidating these types of producers.

The FDA have even recently claimed that the drinking of elderberry juice and raw milk is harmful, but in light of its denial that arsenic stated under its list of carcinogenic compounds and found in chicken meat is dangerous to consumers, it’s statement on raw milk and the elderberry juice must be taken with a grain of salt. 

Source: www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com


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