Fast Healing Remedies Against Inflammation On The Gallbladder

If you get pain attack due to inflammation of the gallbladder, there are several natural remedies that can help you get rid of the pain. These remedies will also assist in the healing process.

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the best choice for those who have inflammation, but many are looking for something that will rid the pain before the pain attack occurs.

Gallbladder is very important for maintaining proper functioning of the body. It contains digestive juice that decomposes greasy foods. This juice is produced by the liver. If the balance in this process is disturbed (which, unfortunately, often comes during the holidays) you may have to deal with complications, inflammation, pain. The most common problem is gallstones, which almost always is crystallized excess cholesterol.

If you have a problem with the gallbladder you may experience abdominal pain, pain in the right shoulder, nausea and loss of appetite. In that case, it comes to inflammation, which usually occurs when the stone is formed and blocks the bile duct.

The simplest efficient remedy

Ingredients needed:

-- 3 tablespoons of vinegar

-- 1 cup of apple juice

Method of preparation:

Mix the two ingredients; the resulting mixture is the remedy.

In some cases the pain may increase but only for a short time. After 20 minutes the pain will completely disappear.

Freshly pressed vegetable juices can also help a lot. After each meal, drink 1 glass of freshly pressed beet juice. This drink relaxes the bile ducts and helps eject deposits and even the stone.

Few more remedies:

Dissolve one tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. Drink the resulting mixture on an empty stomach.

Make a dandelion root tea -- soak 2 teaspoons (or 2 bags) of dandelion root in 240 ml of boiling water. Let the mixture stand still for 15 minutes before drinking it.

Apply warm coatings on the upper right part of the stomach.


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