Fake Olive Oil is Literally Everywhere! How To Know Whether It Is Fake Or Original Olive Oil?

Olive oil contains high amounts of mono saturated fatty acids, which are the good fatty acids, the ones we want in our body.  People from Mediterranean countries use olive oil in everything they do, and this is why they look so good they have clear skin, shining eyes, shining hair, physical and mental health. This type of oil is part of the Mediterranean diet.

Hippocrates used olive oil and he was known as the Father of Medicine.

What can a diet rich in olive oil, the real olive oil, do?

  • Minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Strengthen bones
  • Improve brain function
  • Regulate bowel movements
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Clears the skin
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing

What does olive oil contain?

It is filled with mono saturated fatty acids, giving less fatty tissue load to the body.

Contains high levels of phenolic, the acidic compound good for the heart.

Contains Vitamin E and K

It has no carbohydrates or protein

Everyone talks about extra virgin olive oil.  But what is it exactly, and should we all be having it?

We should all be having it, yes.  It is super healthy for our bodies.  There are different grades of olive oil and you should check the labels on the bottles.  Real olive oils are all good for you.  There are four different grades, and the different grades are used for different things.  The low grade is used to make soap.  The highest grade, the cold pressed olive oil, is best used for salads, salad dressings and for cooking. The cold pressed olives oils will taste better and are superior in flavour, smell and health benefits.

There are tons of fake olive oil brands on the market and if you are buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you need to check it really is Extra Virgin.

Tests have been carried out by researchers, looking at the various Extra Virgin Olive Oils. There have been some shocking results.  Almost 70% of extra virgin oil offered in the United States is fake.

This means you should not only be wary of the tag but should always look at the way the oil has been made.  Do some research?

How can you tell if it’s a fake olive oil or a genuine olive oil?

If you are buying from a well-known health market or delicatessen it is likely that your olive oil will be the real thing.  But when you are buying from a large supermarket, it can be tricky.  And it is not that easy to taste your olive oil before you buy it.  Read the small print, or be particular about where you shop is one good bit of advice.

Check your olive oil at home

Take some olive oil, put it in a dish and cool it down.  If, as it gets cooler it gets stronger in texture and taste, it means it is extra virgin olive oil.  The strengthening means it has mono saturated fats in it and is the real thing.  If it doesn’t strengthen, you have a fake oil.

Extra virgin oil should be able to keep an oil lamp flammable. If your oil keeps a lamp going for a long time, it is probably extra virgin olive oil.

The above two tests are difficult to do.  Your best option is to buy olive oil from your neighborrhood farmers market. Buy from a reputable source.  And check the taste and smell. It should be delicious.

What is fake olive oil and is it all over?

Fake olive oil is often sunflower oil mixed with pure olive oil.  It is a substandard oil and not extra virgin at all.  Sometimes, the oils don’t include any real olive oil at all.  It could be a mixture of soybean oil and sunflower oil. Suppliers have been known to add chlorophyll and beta carotene. 

If you watch television you will see many commercials talking about the ‘healthiest olive oil on the planet.’  This is as far from the truth as you could possibly get.  Recent research has shown that famous brands are selling fake olive oil.

Who sells fake olive oils?

You will be shocked to know that Bertolli, Filippo Berio, Mazzola, Mezzetta, Newman’s own, Star, Safe way, Colavita, and also Whole meals, have all sold fake oils.

By buying fake oils you are doing yourself a disservice, and the entire industry.  You are also putting unhealthy things into your body.

Look for Certification

You should always look for 3rd party qualification on the packaging, when you buy extra virgin olive oil in the super markets.

The California Olive Oil Council and The Australian Olive Association both have stringent accreditation programs that make their seals trustworthy.

When you buy olive oil originating Italy, search for PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) seals.

Avoid these brands of olive oil

Remember some of the brand names that sell fake olive oil.

Pompeian, Whole Foods, Bertolli, Colavita, Carapelli, Star. Eat Local Grown likewise states: Filippo Berio, Mazzola, Mezzetta, Newman’s Own, Safeway, and Whole foods in this listing; the information could be from the earlier 2010 research study when a lot more brands were examined.

Buy these brands of olive oil

You should buy extra virgin olive oil from these brands.

Lucini, Lucero (Ascolano), California Olive Ranch, Kirkland Organic, McEvoy Ranch Organic, Cobram Estate by Eat Local Grown.

Or, as we said, your best option is to buy from your neighborrhood farmers market.  And trust the taste and smell.

Source: recipesfornaturalremedies.com