Extremely Dangerous – Here Is Why You Must Not Re-boil Or Boil Water For Too Long…

Surely it has happened at least once to boil water, forget about it and boil it once again… Maybe you think that by boiling the water for the second time you will kill all harmful substances in it, but it is a big misconception.

In fact, rather than destroying harmful substances, prolonged or repeated boiling of water increases their concentration and chemical changes will occur, which are not good for the health at all.

Then healthy minerals, such as calcium, which causes the formation of stone or sand in the body, become harmful, if such water is consumed frequently.

Here it what increases with long or repeated boiling of water!


The World Health Organization claims that the greatest danger in drinking water is arsenic, which causes poisoning, problems with the digestive system, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and skin diseases, including cancer.


The high temperature converts it in nitrosamine, which is carcinogen -- in particular for ovarian, bowel, bladder, pancreas, stomach and can even cause leukemia.


Some scientific research confirms that fluoride affects the decrease in neurological function, reduces fertility and intelligence in children.


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