Everything You Need To Know About Gluten


Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. There are many myths about the harmfulness of gluten, which are the follow:

  • Gluten causes cancer

It is a myth. Many believe that gluten causes cancer, but experts have proven that this fact is not true. The average person who eats foods with gluten does not have increased risk for the development of cancer than the person who does not eat gluten. The only thing that can cause serious health issues is inconsistency in the diet of people who have celiac disease and who do not receive treatment. If you have celiac disease, you must follow all medical advices. If not, you do not have to fear that foods containing gluten will cause cancer.

  • Gluten fattening

This claim is false. The bigger amount of entered calories the fatter you will be. All foods have calories but obesity can occur because labels are placed only on groceries with gluten. If you eat a lot, you will put on weight, says Kristin Kirkpatrick from the Cleveland Clinic. Some products without gluten can have more calories than those that contain gluten, because they have sugar added.

  • Gluten is bad

This belief is widespread, but it is true. Many people consume food without gluten, but they do not have to do that, because gluten does not cause any harm to our organism. If you must avoid gluten, redo your grocery list but remember foods that contain gluten has extremely valuable nutrition.

  • Gluten is part of a “clean” diet

The term refers to a clean diet food which includes only organic foods from whole grains, fruits and vegetables only. So, clean diet is the one that includes some groceries and strictly has no space for any other foods. Gluten is not a part of such a diet. It can be eaten with other foods -- meat, fruit and vegetables.


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