Everyone Has Cancer Cells in Their Body, This is How to Prevent Them From Becoming TUMORS

Getting a cancer diagnosis is the worst thing in the world.  Getting your body free of that cancer is the best thing in the world. 

The truth is that everyone has some cancer cells in their body.  These will not show up in ordinary testing, it takes the cells to multiply a billion times before they can be seen.

When you have been given the all clear from your doctor, I.e your cancer has gone, it really just mean that the tests you are having cannot detect any cancer cells.  In other words, they have not reached the size where they can be seen.

Cancer Cells and what you should know

  • Almost everyone has cancer cells in their bodies
  • Cancer cells can occur at least six times in your lifetime
  • Cancer indicates multiple nutritional deficiencies
  • Deficiencies could be caused by genetic, environmental, dietary or lifestyle factors
  • With cancer cells in your body, your immune system is low
  • When the cancer cells are destroyed, and prevented from multiplying and forming tumours, the immune system strengthens
  • Changing the way you eat and including supplements can strengthen your immune system.
  • Beta Glucan is an excellent immune booster

Cancer treatment

  • It is important to listen to your doctors and get the best possible advice and treatment
  • Doctors will usually recommend chemotherapy and radiation, and you must do whatever you can to get rid of the cancer
  • You also need to know that chemotherapy involves poisoning fast growing cancer cells
  • Chemotherapy also destroys fast healthy growing cancer cells
  • Chemotherapy can damage your heart, lungs, kidney, liver and other organs
  • Radiation destroys cancer cells
  • Radiation also damages healthy cells, tissue and organs, and causes scars and burns
  • Initial chemotherapy and / or radiation will reduce the size of a tumour
  • Prolonged chemotherapy and radiation do not result in more tumour destruction
  • Chemotherapy compromises the immune system by putting toxins in the body
  • Chemotherapy makes you susceptible to illness, infection and complications
  • Chemotherapy and / or radiation can cause cells to mutate
  • Surgery can cause cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body

What do cancer cells feed on?

  • Sugar is one of the worst things for cancer.  Cut out sugar and you cut out a food source
  • Sugar substitutes are harmful.  NutraSweet, Spoonful, Equal, and similar, are made with Aspartame.  Aspartame is harmful for your health
  • Cancer cells like salt.  Salt has chemicals in it to make it white.  These chemicals are harmful too
  • Milk causes mucus and cancer feeds off mucus
  • Cancer cells love acid and thrive in an acidic environment.  They love read meat
  • Avoid tea, coffee, chocolate and anything high in caffeine

What can I replace harmful foods with?

  • Try a natural substitute like honey (Manuka honey) or molasses, but only in small amounts
  • A good alternative to ordinary salt is Bragg’s amino, or pure sea salt
  • Replace dairy milk with unsweetened soya milk
  • Cut red meat out of your diet and replace it with white meat -- chicken, pork or fish
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables alkalize the body
  • Fresh vegetable juices provide live enzymes that are absorbed and easily nourish and replenish healthy cells
  • Green tea is good and has cancer fighting properties

Your diet should be made up of 80% fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, nuts, seeds and some fruit. Drink fresh vegetable juice and eat raw vegetables often.  Best to eat them raw as the enzymes are destroyed at a certain temperature.

Eat and drink well.  Stop those cancer cells from changing to tumours.  Stop cancer.

Source: www.natural-holistic-health.com