Every Woman Should Know This Trick – Here Is Why!

The hygienic pads possess strong absorption and are individually packed in waterproof plastic sheeting. These pads represent perfect tool for number of different alternative uses.

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The hygiene pads can be purchased from anywhere. In addition, read about how they can be used:

1.They can be used for protecting and covering wounds – the pads are great as first- aid kit! Add piece of bandage or tape for fixing it. It will perfectly stop the bleeding – just press on the wound and fix the bandage. If you do not have adequate medical equipment, on this way you will successfully finish the job.

2.They can be used for water filtration – These sanitary pads can also be used to filter the dirty water. Here is what you should do:

Fill the bottle with dirty water, then apply through the opening piece of the pad and focus well. The decanted water will be filtered, but only mechanically. This water is not 200% safe for drinking because it will still contain microorganisms like bacteria and parasites, so it is best to check it before use.

3.It can be used as cleaning cloth – Pads function as indestructible paper towel, so they are excellent as small towels for cleaning. Here is what you should do:

If you have a dirty microwave, take pad and run through it and turn it on for 1 minute. From the steam, all of the stain will soften. Then with the pad you will be able to clean the whole dirt. Also, the pad can be used for absorbing the melted ice in the refrigerator. You can stick the pad in the refrigerator and leave it through the night – it will also absorb all the unpleasant odors.

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4.It can be used as breast pad – If you are breastfeeding, these pads can be great for you. Sometimes it happens, the milk will uncontrollably come out of your breast so, in this case if you do not have special pads for this cause, the ordinary ones will serve great.

5.They can be used for growing sprouts – Pads have great capacity for retaining moisture so you can take advantage and use it for beans. Dip the pad in water, place it in a glass jar that lies on flat. Then, apply the seeds that you want to raise. Place the jar near the window and after a while you will notice how your seed sprout.

6.You can use them as inserts for shoes when you have uncontrollable sweating – Place one pad in each shoe. On this way you can also get rid of odor. Also, in the summer you can fix smaller pieces of pad and you can prevent the large circles of sweat under your armpits. This trick is used by many celebrities such as the Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg which wears the pad under his helmet. It absorbs sweat.

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