Eight Ingredients You Must Not Consume Before Bed Time

Gastric reflux is causing problems throughout the day of many, and it can especially make you problems before bed. This is why you should be careful what you consume in the evening. Now we will present list of foods you should avoid consuming for dinner in order to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon.

1. Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages belong to the group foods that contain more acid than any natural ingredients we can find in nature. Carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks increases the pressure in the stomach.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol relaxes the valves that connect the stomach with the esophagus. When that happens the body cannot keep acid where it belong-in the stomach.

3. Chocolate

Chocolate contains huge amount of fat as well as caffeine, which can be found in cocoa, and stimulates the gastric reflux.

4. Fatty foods

Avoid consuming ice cream, cookies, hamburgers and all foods with a high proportion of fat because they adversely affect the stomach. Alcohol and soft drinks also belong to this list of foods.

5. Cheese

Avoid soft types of cheese such as feta and mozzarella. If you enjoy the taste of cheese before bedtime, then you should select small amounts of hard cheese such as Parmesan.

6. Coffee

Besides not being able to sleep due to caffeine, more acid will be excreted in the stomach.

7. Citrus

These fruits are delicious and refreshing when consumed throughout the day, but you should keep in mind that you should avoid them in the evening because they contain large amounts of acid.

8. Nuts

Nuts contain saturated and unsaturated fats, but fat is still fat and it is always disadvantageous for the stomach, especially when consumed before bedtime. So do not consume nuts before bed time, especially walnuts, peanuts and Cashews.





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