Efficient Treatment Of An Ingrown Nail

Ingrown finger nail is an infection of both the skin and the tissue around the nail. This is a big problem to many. It occurs when the skin on one or both sides of the nail grows over the nail’s edges or when the nail itself grows in the skin i.e. the soft tissue around the nail.

Signs and symptoms of an ingrown nail:

-Pain in the area around the nail.

-It is emphasized while wearing tight shoes, especially those with narrow peaks.

-It can be sensitive under pressure, even under the pressure of the covers.

-There could also be sings on an infection.

-It can lead to draining pus or fluid mixed with blood.

Causes for ingrown nail occurrence:

-Wearing tight shoes for a long time

-Wearing tight socks

-Other nail deformities

-Trauma to the nail or thumb

-Mechanical injury

-Bad hygiene

-Deformity of the toenail

-Bad nail clipping.


Aloe Vera coating

You can either use drugstore bought aloe gel or pick one leaf from which you need to take the gel out. Paste the gel in a bottle cap, or similar mold, in which you should put the whole toe. Then, put on some socks and leave the gel to act for 12 hours.

Repeat the entire procedure until the inflammation soothes.

Aloe possesses extraordinary anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties. Also it improves the process of hydration and softening the skin. If you react promptly, the redness should withdraw within a day. Otherwise the procedure should be repeated several days.


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