Eat Only One Orange A Day And Forgot About The Following Diseases


Besides that is delicious and abounds with juice, orange has many health benefits as well. In this article you will learn why is recommendable to eat at least one orange every day.

Prevents cancer

The Vitamin C in oranges acts like an antioxidant. Oranges, like other citruses, contain d-limonene. This compound is known from its efficient cancer preventing powers. It can prevent breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and mouth cancer.

Reduces cholesterol

Hesperidin is one of the most important flavonoids in oranges. This flavonoid reduces bad cholesterol in our organism. By eating orange, you will protect yourselves from getting a heart attack and other cardiovascular upsets.

Proper development of the brain

Orange is a great source of folic acid and foliates which have big influence on the development of our brain. This is exactly why pregnant woman are recommended to consume at least one orange every day.

It strengthens immunity

The high amount of Vitamin C in orange stimulates the production of whiteblood cellsin the body. This is how your immunity if strengthened.

It is great for the sight

In time, as we grow older, our sight, like our skin, is getting damaged. If you want your sight improved a little, eat at least one orange every day. High levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium will do the trick.

Attenuates inflammation

Oranges have anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing pain when it comes to arthritis and cramps in the muscles and joints.

Regulates digestion

Oranges are rich in dietary fibers which stimulate stomach acids and prevent constipation.


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