Early Warning Signs of Diabetes That Most Medical Professionals Don’t Even Know

It is estimated that diabetes affects about 29.1 million Americans.

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There is a misconception that all the symptoms of this disease is already known even among professionals and this is far from the reality.

Common symptoms include blurred vision, poor healing of wounds and having excessive thirst but there are lots more that people are not aware of.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet and regulating your blood sugar is important in the management of diabetes but equally important is knowing these symptoms that professionals are not even aware of.

1. Uncontrollable Itching

Diabetes influences blood circulation which can cause dry and itchy skin. Where creams and moisturizers are not providing relief then it is advisable to check your blood sugar levels.

2. The State Of Your Skin Is Deteriorating

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If you have dark patches on your knuckles, elbows and also on the back of your neck it could be a sign of diabetes.

Acanthosis nigrican is a causative condition and also high blood sugar is linked with the growth of skin cells as well as with melanin the dark patches are due to this condition.

If you are obese you can resolve this condition by losing weight or you can apply an ointment to the dark patches.

3. Poor Hearing

Diabetes can also affect your hearing. The National Institutes of Health suggests that pre-diabetes can be responsible for depleted hearing. Pre-diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than usual but not high enough to be considered diabetic. Pre-diabetes is believed to be associated with a 30% rise in hearing loss. It is believed by researchers that blood vessels and nerves in the ear are damaged by diabetes that leads to poor hearing. If you have issues with your heating go for a blood sugar level checkup.

4. If You Notice That Your Vision Has Improved A Bit

Diabetes is linked with poor vision but in some cases a person’s vision can improve and it is as a result of high blood sugar and changes in the fluid levels of the eyes. You should however wee your doctor if you notice any change in your sight whether it is an improvement or worsening of your eyesight.

It is now understood that symptoms for diseases can come in different forms and usually the common symptoms are not the only signs there is to look out for.

If you notice any of the symptoms above do not hesitate to go for a blood sugar test to put your mind at ease.

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