Drinking A Glass Of Cold Water After A Meal Is Harmful For Your Health!


Do you ever want to drink a glass of cold water after a meal? Watch what happens when you put cold water in a pot after you have been frying something in it. Yes, the same thing happens in your insides as well.

Cold water hardens food’s fatty parts in your stomach. So, if you drink cold water after a meal, the food you’ve just eaten will be digested more slowly and with more difficulty than usual. When hardened fat binds with digestive acid, it is easily dissolved and quickly absorbed into the intestines. This way, fats are hindering the intestine’s work and other organs’ work as well. This contributes to the occurrence of different diseases and health conditions, including cancer.

This is why you should eat warm soup, or drink a glass of lukewarm water, or a hot cup of tea.


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