What To Drink When You’re Hungry, Nervous Or Swollen

Milk and water -- these drinks will quench thirst and will do a lot for your health. Read what other drinks can help in a variety of everyday situations.

  • Easier to sleep: Warm milk and chamomile tea

In the 19th century, brandy was very popular sedative but we will recommend no alcohol to you because we only choose healthy options. For best quality of your night sleep drink chamomile tea or a cup of warm milk.

  • For stronger muscles: Milk

Milk is consisted of casein and protein that contain essential amino acids that strengthen the muscles. So if you want to make muscle mass, consume milk.

  • For colds: Honey Lemon Tea 

Intake of liquids in the body can help you with stuffy nose, especially if it comes to hot soup or tea. Also, try to enter milk and dairy products when you have a cold because then secretion increases.

  • For cough: Honey

Honey can help coughing caused by infection of the upper respiratory tract because it relieves the back of the throat. The sweetness of the honey will stimulate the secretion of saliva.

  • For hangover: Water -- Shake banana

Intake of plenty of water is crucial for reducing hangover. But if it is not too late, make a banana shake with spinach. These two foods are rich in potassium which replenishes electrolytes lost by the introduction of too much alcohol. Because alcohol lowers blood sugar, a cup of juice may help sugar levels return to normal.


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