Drink Banana and Cinnamon One Hour Before Going to Sleep And See What Will Happen! Incredible!

If you want to be fully healthy, to have increased energy and not to feel sickness, depression or hypertension you need to have solid rest at night and deep sleep. The sleeping helps your brain to operate and power up your daily activities also, your body concentrates on retrieving and revitalizing your different systems.

If you ever had a contact with insomnia or any kind of sleep disorder you know that daily you look like a monster and you walk around tired and enjoyable.

Maybe the banana and cinnamon tea is the solution you may take before hitting the bed.

The bananas are filled with potassium and magnesium and they are pretty much known for enhance sleep. The anxiety and the negative influence on your muscles and veins is destroyed by these minerals.

On the other hand cinnamon, besides his pleasing flavor is known for promoting relaxation to your body. The circulation and digestion will flow properly inside your body by its assentation.

The ingredients for this recipe are simple, you need one raw banana, one liter of water and pinch of cinnamon.  First start heating the water and then add the banana to boil for 10 minutes. Pour the water through colander and fill it into cup in which you will add small amount cinnamon.

Although medicines may assist you with sleeping they will not fix any fundamental reasons. You need to try different things to relax your body and increase the level of sleeping. You need to find proper routine for relaxing your brain also.

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