Dried Plum – Energetic Injection


It does not matter if you eat fresh or dried plum, what matter is that you will feel this amazing fruit’s beautiful sweetness in your mouth because of its perfect balance of five different sugars and acids. Do you know what benefits gives us this fruit?

Powerful antioxidant

Besides they are extremely delicious, plums contain compounds that destroy free radicals in the blood. The lower number of free radicals into your organism, the better your health is.

Great diuretic

Plum regulates digestion, cleans the organism out of toxins and stimulates the liver and kidney work. It also improves urinating because it is rich in potassium and it contains a small amount of natrium. Plum can be used both in fresh and dried form.

Bone guardian

In order to provide your organism with its daily dose of boron (mineral which eases the organism’s abortion of calcium) you should eat only 10 plums.

Cholesterol regulation

Plum is very rich in fiber and fiber helps in reducing cholesterol level in the blood and therefore protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases. This amazing fruit also contains sorbitol -- an alcoholic sugar which is used as a replacement for sugar in dietary products.


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