No matter what you eat, it's important when eating

It Does Not Matter What You Eat, what Matters is When do you Eat it

It does not matter if you eat more or less and reduced calorie intake does not mean weight loss. It is important that when you eat your body has the time to turn food into muscle mass. Also, starvation can cause slow metabolism, and thus consumes less calories and you feel like you have no energy and you will not be able to do anything.

No matter what you eat, it's important when eating

Morning Detoxification

Half an hour before breakfast is the best time for you to detoxify your body of toxins that have been entered through food, air and fluids during the day.

Water is the number 1 detoxification. Drink from 300 ml to half-liter of water immediately after you wake up. Here’s another great suggestion for detoxification.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It must be made ​​of suitable protein foods that contain all 9 essential amino acids. This way the body is subjected to sleep more than 8 hours of starvation without food. Amino acids can help the body to reactivate all the functions that must be performed flawlessly throughout the day.

Breakfast should be the most plentiful in relation to other meals. Also, despite irreplaceable proteins, most breakfasts should prevail complex carbohydrates and can have a little fat in them.

Carbohydrates are crucial for forcefulness in the day, the proper function of the brain and can help you lost weight.

Dietary pancakes are a great start of the day.

Here are some ideas for breakfast.


Lunch should be a complement to the breakfast. Breakfast will create toxic food into your body if it is not processed before you eat lunch. Unlike breakfast, lunch should contain slightly more protein than complex carbohydrates. Protein foods, salads, vegetable as a side dish should be eaten the most.

No matter what you eat, it's important when eating1

You should have dinner at least 2 hours before sleep. Meals should not be very heavy or have mild to saturate hunger. The meals should contain protein and fat and possibly exclude carbohydrates, except in certain vegetables.
Low oil-filled cheese or cottage cheese is a great choice because it contains slowly decomposing protein (casein) which releases amino acids during sleep and helps the body to recover. Also, boiled chicken, tuna or eggs are a good choice, and it is even better if you combine them with vegetable broth or vegetable salad (cabbage, lettuce) with options of adding olive oil or apple cider vinegar. Nuts are also a great option.
If you want to lost weight, it’s best to skip dinner.

Snack should be low in calories and made ​​from simple carbohydrates to maintain optimal levels of blood sugar and to make you feel satiated for a longer time. Recommended time to have snacks is between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner.
Cereal bars, dark chocolate, fruit, salad, soup, tea, cocoa and coffee are great in that purpose.

Food before Training
Food before training should be consisted of complex carbohydrates and protein and be fast effective to eat 1 to 1 and a half hour before workout. 20 minutes just before a workout is an ideal time for simple carbohydrates like a fruit or juice drained naturally. There is something more to it.
Find out what you should be eating before morning practice and during stay in the mountains.

Food after Training
If you are exercising, eating after a workout is your most important meal. You will get the expected results with this meal, as your recovery or maximum protein synthesis. During the workout and immediately after it you should consume a meal that is containing simple carbohydrates, foods rich in electrolytes and water. 30 minutes later it’s time for whey and white bread. Also milk, chocolate milk and yogurt are good options, and light meals in combination with rice.

Vitamin Supplements
If you are taking vitamin/mineral supplements, take them 3 times a day: in the morning, at noon and at night. If you want to take them 2 times a day, it is best for you to take them in the morning and in the evening. Taking vitamins/minerals at night is the best option if you want to take them once a day.


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