Doctors Are Shocked Man Diagnosed With Cancer Was Completely Cured With This Amazing Natural Remedy

Medics say there is no cure for cancer and after you are diagnosed you should say goodbye to your healthy and happy life? We do not think so. The only thing that was believed to help you will certainly bring you to a lot of agony -- chemotherapy.

Conventional medicine might never accept natural remedies as a cure for cancer because that way profit will not exist. But, people are learning to trust nature more as time goes by.

Cancer survivors have shared a lot of stories on how they beat cancer. Some of them used hemp, carrots, baking soda turmeric etc. but one man got rid of cancer by using honey.


Ante Kresich was diagnosed with lung cancer 13 years ago. Since this type of cancer is one of the most dangerous, Croatian doctors told Ante that he did not has much time left.

Ante got rid of the cancer completely and he has a lot of documentation to prove his claim. He was using some healing herbs combined with honey,

-- I left the hospital in April, and in the summer I was already a completely different man. When I went to consult my doctors they could not believe that I was still alive, and also they could believed the results of the examinations that followed -- explains Kresich.

The results showed that Ante is perfectly cancer free and doctors advised him to continue with his therapy with honey and herbs.
This cancer survivor opens his heart to anyone who is interested in his story or has cancer and asks for advice.


Today, Ante is full of energy, healthy and has a new hobby that includes his new best friends -- honey bees.

-- People with similar destiny come to me and I keep telling my story over and over again, the agony I had to go through and the cure that helped me. My recipes help them, giving them hope -- says Kresich, and he considers that from now on it is his obligation to help others.

Honey has been used for thousands of years because of its healing powers. Because of this, honey is considered to be gods’ food. It can treat many disorders and diseases and ancient people knew this.


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