Do You Know Why Massaging Your Feet Before Going To Bed Is Important?

One of the best techniques we can let ourselves enjoy is self-massage. Doctors also accent the importance of massage and self-massage because it has a great positive effects.

Massage improves blood flow, stimulates the secretion of both sebaceous and sweat-glands, reduces fat, improves metabolism, accelerates the flow of nutrients to the tissues, improves skin tone and makes the skin healthier and more elastic and gives it young looks.

Both posture and appearance depend on the condition of muscles, that hold our body,.

Massage affects the muscles so that they stretch and gather thus becoming solid and also relaxed. This is due to eliminating lactic acid that causes cramps and sore muscles.

Massage stimulates and facilitates digestion and represents a great help as well as one way of treating a particular condition.

You can see the picture and learn which point is linked to which organ.

It is well known that massage and applying pressure on certain parts of the foot can treat certain diseases of certain organs as well as to reduce pain.

You should practice the massage just before bedtime and it is recommended to become your daily routine. Massage your feet from 10 to 15 minutes.

If you already suffer from a certain disease, see the picture and press the point that corresponds with your pain or simply massage the entire foot for a better circulation of the entire organism.


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