Do Not Ignore Them: 5 Silent Signs For Major Health Benefits

When something is wrong with our health, our body often sends subtle signs. These signs can be symptoms of serious diseases.

1. Memory related problems

Occasional forgetfulness is not something you should worry about, but if you forget even the simplest things (like names of family, the way to the store, driving a well-known location) on a daily basis then you must visit a doctor. Such abnormal phenomena are the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Hemorrhoids

You should not ignore hemorrhoids by any means because they can be very dangerous. You must consult your doctor for learning the correct methods of treatment. If you have hemorrhoids that are not withdrawn after the treatment, it is likely you do not have hemorrhoids at all.

These hemorrhoid-like things can be growths which indicate Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune inflammatory disease of the digestive system. In that case, talk to a gastroenterologist in order to make all necessary examinations and remove the doubts about the disease.

3. Changes in handwriting

One of the first signs of Parkinson’s disease is actually changing the handwriting.

In a medical research, conducted for 2013, doctors asked Parkinson’s disease patients to write one sentence ten times on the same sheet of paper.

Their letters became smaller with each next sentence, and the handwriting was thicker.

It happens due to a lack of dopamine in the brain, which causes numbness of the fingers.

Loss of sense of smell is yet another sign referring to this disease.

4. Damaged teeth

You do not feel pain, do not drink carbonated beverages, but your tooth enamel is quite damaged. In this case, visit gastroenterologist because the stomach acid erodes the tooth enamel.

Gastric reflux is a common health problem among many. Frequent inflammation of the throat and constant bad taste in the mouth symptoms indicate of this condition.

5. Rash followed by itchy skin

When rash accompanied by itching of the skin appears of the elbows, knees, head or back, that is usually a sign of eczema. However, this health condition may also refer to intolerance to gluten.


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