Diet Tips For Preventing Colon Cancer

Diet Tips For Preventing Colon Cancer

To protect the colon doctors advise us to eat wheat germ rich in fiber and avoid red meat and animal fats. If you eat meat, it is better to be roasted than grill prepared.

Eat more vegetables, especially cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. These kinds of vegetables have a protective effect if consumed two to three times a week. These vegetables are rich in fiber and indoles which have anticancer action.

Eat more fish and chicken because these products have the protection effect of cancer colon. If you have polyps, importing large amounts of fatty fish may decrease them.

The milk and Yogurt do not contain acidofilne which makes them excellent addition in these kinds of diets.

Reduce alcohol intake to a maximum of two drinks per day. Especially avoid beer.

These dietary changes are even more imperative if you have had surgery or have polyps that might develop into a malignancy.

In this case the recommended daily intake is one to two bowls of wheat germ rich in fiber and wheat or grain flakes with milk. These foods are considered to be natural remedies.


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