Did You Know You Can Freeze The 12 Following Ingredients?

We all want to know some little tricks to assist us in preparation of simpler food. This is why we will tell you what ingredients, for which you were not sure if can be frozen or not, can be frozen. Using these tips you will certainly shorten the time of food preparation.

1. Cooked rice

When have large quantity of cooked rice leftovers, you can put in plastic container with a lid and place in the freezer. When you want to eat rice, just heat it in a microwave and you will immediately have cooked lunch.

2. Nuts

Nuts placed in the freezer last longer, and that is good news for those who buy larger quantities. Take the amount you intend to consume immediately, and put the rest in the freezer.

3. Ripe bananas

Ripe bananas with dark spots are very tasty, but if you do not want to eat them immediately, you can freeze them and unfreeze them when you make a cake. They are also great as supplement for smoothies, for preparation of creamy sweets etc. Since bananas are frozen you do not need to add ice afterwards.

4. Grated cheese

If you have a bigger piece of cheese in the fridge and it stands there for a long period of time, grate it and put it in a freezer bag and freeze it. When you prepare a meal, use it.

5. Bacon

You can freeze bigger piece of bacon wrapped in freezer bag. If the bacon is cut into thin slices, wrap them in baking paper and put them in freezer bags and freeze them.

6. Wine

If there is a little wine left in the bottle after dinner, do not throw it away! Fill ice cube mold with wine and freeze it. When you prepare a meal for which you need a little wine, use the frozen wine cubes. You can also use them as an addition to cocktails.

7. Butter

You can freeze it in its original packaging but remember to first wrap it in foil. You can use the frozen butter in different kinds of pasta, pies and cookies.

8. Dough

Form the prepared dough in rectangular form, wrap it in foil, put it in freezer bag and froze it. When you want to use the dough, all you need to do in unfreeze it.

9. Bread

It is best to freeze bread while still fresh. Just wrap it in foil, put it in freezer bag and freeze it. When you want to eat that bread, unwrap it and put it in the oven on 150 degrees for 10 minutes.

10. Egg yolk and egg white

Never freeze whole egg! First you need to separate egg’s yolk from the white and then freeze it. Place each egg part in different container and place the containers in the freezer. Before using them, all you need to do is wait for them to unfreeze.

11. Sweet cream

Put the remaining sweet cream in cookie molds and freeze it. Once it freezes, place the frozen forms in a freezer bag and put them back in the freezer.

12. Fresh spice

Wash well the fresh spice and let it completely dry. Then, chop it into desired size and arrange it in a pan, cover with foil and place in the freezer for a few hours. Next, transfer the chopped and frozen spice in a freezer bag and return it to the freezer.   


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