Did You Know Which Kind Of Banana Best Is For Consume? The Green One Or The Darkened One?

The banana has a different effect on our body depending on how mature is. Some people want to eat bananas while they are green, hard and half ripe and some, love those bananas with dark spots.

In any case, bananas whether are half ripe or overripe, they are good for the organism. The bananas who are more mature and have darks spots on the bark, contain anticancer properties. Actually, experts say that older bananas, the ones who are more mature, are healthier because they contain large amount of vitamin B and C, potassium, bananas and antioxidants. Bananas like this, are better for digestion.

Hard and green bananas are still rich with probiotic bacteria and have good effect on the bowel intestine. They contain less sugar and more starch. The starch is responsible for feeling of satiety.

See the explanation in the video:

Video Source: davidwolfe
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