Did You Know the One Bad Thing about Lemon Water and How You Make it Worse???

Boiling water with fresh lemon has many health benefits which include cleansing your system, boosting your metabolism, aiding digesting, improving your immune system and increasing your vitamin C levels.

But there is one thing about lemon water that is not good for you and you probably did not know this.  Lemon Water can damage your teeth.

How can lemon water damage your teeth?

Lemon water is very acidic.  This means it can not only cause your teeth to become yellow and stained, it can also erode your enamel.  When your enamel gets eroded your teeth become very sensitive to hot and cold.

Cold lemon water is not good for your teeth.  Warm lemon water can be even worse.  The high temperature increases the chemical reaction and makes the water acidic, causing tooth damage.

Can you stop damage by brushing your teeth after drinking?

Drinking the lemon water softens your enamel.  If you brush your teeth soon after drinking lemon water, you will actually speed up the tooth damage.  You erode the enamel away.  If you have forgotten to brush your teeth, as we all do from time to time, wait for an hour after drinking and then brush.

How to protect your teeth from lemon water

  • You could dilute the lemon water
  • Drink with a straw
  • Rinse your mouth out after drinking, with water only
  • Try cucumber water instead of lemon water.  It has similar benefits but no acid

Source: healthadvisorgroup.com