Detoxification Routine To Bring Back Your Energy


Warmer season makes our organism gives us a signal that it is detoxification time in order to eject all toxins accumulated during cold months. If not do detoxify our organism, we might feel lazy, tired and exhausted. All this hampers our pace of everyday life and we will simply be lazy and will not enjoy the warm days ahead of us.

If you have decided doing detoxification, start realizing your plan.

Three days are needed for realization of the detoxification plan, during which you need to eat healthy and easily digestible foods.

Besides bringing back energy, this detoxification will also help you normalize blood pressure, improve metabolism and ejecting excess fluid from the body.

Besides paying attention on what you eat, in the following three days you also need to be careful what you drink. This means you do not have to drink everything that is in your reach. Instead, drink lots of water, green tea and apple cider vinegar.

It is highly important to drink at least half a liter of water before breakfast, and consume other beverages after breakfast and throughout the day.

Avoid drinking milk during detoxification process because it will hamper digestion.

Also, avoid heavy foods. Foods hard to digest will only bring harm instead of improving your organism.

Consume only soups and salads that are easily digested in the body, and do not forget to include onions and carrots in these soup’s preparations.

It is mandatory to use olive oil in food preparation. As for cocktails, include vegetables as well, not only fruit. The cocktails are energy bombs for the body that keeps you fuller longer.

The best beverage is spinach and kiwi smoothie, so, if you can, drink it twice a day.

If you apply this detoxification process, you will notice improvement in your overall health and you will also feel healthier and far more energetic.

Maybe you will want to endure this routine after the third day!


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