Detect A Heart Attack A Few Months Earlier Through Hair

High levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in hair may indicate a heart attack months before you get into trouble.

Canadian scientists investigated how problems at work, in marriage and financial problems increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They also found that there is a biological marker by which we can predict a heart attack.

Traditionally, cortisol is measured through the analysis of blood, urine and saliva. But professors from the University of Western Ontario explain that all samples show levels of cortisol in their hands hours before the analysis are made.

When it comes to hair it is differently. An average hair grows one centimeter a month, and a lock that is 6 inches long can show the level of stress for a much longer period of time.

This knowledge was learned through an analysis of samples of hair from 56 people who have experienced a heart attack, as well as by comparing the results of this analysis with results from hair samples of other people who suffered from different kinds of diseases, but not from a heart attack.


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