Decrease The Risk Of Getting A Heart Attack By 86%, Practicing These 5 Key Factors


Recent studies have shown that there are 5 key factors, which, if practiced, can help you to lower the risk of heart attack by 86%.

According to scientists, here are the 5 factors:

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Exercising
  3. Avoiding cigarettes
  4. Avoiding alcohol
  5. Maintaining the slim line

After monitoring more than 20,000 healthy men (over 11 years of age), Swedish researchers have found that each of these factors, which are part of the lifestyle, can reduce the risk of heart attack, and when combined, the effects are surprisingly good. In fact, the practice of all five factors can prevent more diseases in men.

During the survey it was noted that most healthy men drank more than two alcoholic beverages per day, do not smoke and maintain their waist line bellow 94 cm. Also, they cycle at least 40 minutes a day and at least one hour of their week is reserved for vigorous exercise. Since these men are on a diet, they consume fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, dairy products and fish.

Thanks to the combining all five factors, all men reduced the risk of stroke by 86% compared to men who do not enforce any of these healthy habits.

Non-smokers have the greatest benefits because they reduce the risk of heart attack by 36%. By holding on to a healthy diet you can reduce the risk of heart attack by 18%, while by maintaining the waist line you will reduce the risk of heart attack by 12%. Moderately drinking of alcohol will reduce the risk by 11% and regular exercise reduces the risk of 3%.


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