Cure Periodontitis With Lemon Juice

Periodontitis is a sickness which damages the gums, bones and other teeth structures. Gingivitis, or gum inflammation, is early phase of periodontitis in which only part of the tissue is damaged.

In the early case scenario the gums can be healed and treated completely. In case you do not treat gingivitis on time, it might evolve into periodontitis. In this case scenario there are pretty good chances you lose some of your teeth.

Experience of a German guy  

I treated periodontitis and i would like to share the remedy with you. The remedy is simple and easily available, it is lemon juice. My dentist was surprised when he saw the results. I drank juice of 4 lemon mixed with water on a daily basis for 6 months straight. I only drank the mixture. I did not hold it in my mouth or anything, which is pretty unusual because lemon juice is sour.

Bacteria responsible for periodontitis cannot live in alkaline environment and that is why i manage to destroy it. After a while my gums were lighter in color and tougher. This is very serious and unpleasant sickness. Its regular treatment is very expensive and does not guarantee success. My way of treating this disease is effective and cheap.”


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