Cure Burns, Cuts, Severe Form Of Bronchitis And Many Other Diseases With Use Of This Miracle Balm!

Many of you already felt the miraculous power of this special balm and how it treats the many wounds, cuts, ranging from burns, severe bronchitis, otitis media and different diseases.

Depending of course of course, it can be placed as coat and rubbed into the skin. It can also be used for inside use: half a teaspoon- three times a day before meal. This fat is absolutely harmless.


  • Crushed boiled egg yolk
  • 400ml. vegetable oil
  • About 60 grams slice of bee wax


In an enamel basin, apply the oil, put the piece of wax in the oil and simmer over low on heat until the wax is melted. Once the wax is melt, lower the fire take the egg yolk and put it inside the oil. After, the oil will start foaming and then remove the dish from the fire. Turn off the fire and leave it to stand for 15-20 minutes. Strain it through gauze or strainer. The rest of the yolk should be tossed away and assemble the foam.

When the ointment will be almost cooled, put it into glass jar and close it with cap. The ointment should be restored in refrigerator for about 10 months.

The color of the finished ointment is different and it depends from the oil that you previously used. For example if you used olive oil, it will be yellow-green.

The color does not affect on its quality. This miraculous ointment is able to cure many diseases.


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