Cucumber – Ideal For Spring Detox

cucumberThe fact the cucumber has no nutritional value is completely wrong, say nutritionists. Cucumber’s biological composition, consistence of vitamins and consistence of minerals show the exact opposite.

When it comes to vitamins, Cucumber is the richest in vitamin C also contains almost all of the B vitamins and carotene.

Phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese and iodine are the minerals found in cucumber. There is very little sodium and potassium. Avoid salting the cucumber in order to keep the existence of these two minerals in it. This behavior of sodium and potassium shows that cucumber acts as a strong diuretic. Therefore, these kinds of vegetable are recommended for difficult urinating, heart and kidney diseases and against rheumatism.

Since Cucumber dissolves uric acid, it is recommended to be consumed by people with kidney stones and bad bladder. By stimulating the excretion of water from the body, cucumber helps in the excretion of toxic substances and cleans out the body. Therefore, cucumber should be used by women who have trouble with cellulite.

Fresh cucumber regulates the work of the intestines and normalizes stool. It is recommended for diabetics because it lowers blood sugar. Also, cucumber is recommended as diet food for persons who are prone to obesity.

Uninitiated think that young cucumbers are better to eat than mature ones. This is the case with most vegetables. But in fact, they are wrong, because immature cucumbers are difficult to digest, causing bloating of the stomach and intestines and produce gases.


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