Confession of a Doctor Who Drank Cannabis Oil: “I Had Cancer, Cannabis Oil Brought My Life Back”


“I have never smoked a single joint in my life and I am an opponent of all drugs. Classical medicine is my calling. However when I faced lung cancer I tried everything”, says the doctor who claims he has been cured thanks to cannabis oil.

The 50-year old Serbian doctor’s lung cancer already had lymph nodes metastasis six months ago. This was stage two out of three. The Serbian doctor started using cannabis oil. Now, he is a 100% supporter to marijuana legalization, for medical purposes, of course.

The doctor says his colleagues did everything they can to help him. His biopsy and diagnosis were done within a week. After the shock he survived, he decided to fight this awkward opponent.

Since doctor P.B. knew cannabis oil was not supported by the law, he started using every possible alternative including, 5 cycles of chemotherapy, a variety of preparations, monastery syrups, drops etc. The Serbian doctor says he had hard time convincing the seller that he was not a provocateur.

He was not 100% sure that this therapy will do the trick or not. He says after he tried cannabis oil he just felt like his mouth was getting dry and sometimes he felt transient mild feeling of head floating, nothing more and nothing less.

P.B.’s oncologist advised him to use and do whatever he thought was right for him. After only 3 months of using cannabis oil, the Serb was feeling better. His cancer was reduced and the latest scanning findings of his lungs were amazingly stunning.

. “There is solid evidence that marijuana helps, but I support the continuation of experimentation with cannabis in order to find the best solution for patients,” says Dr. Cat Arni. He also says that there are many different controversies worldwide when it comes to marijuana usage, but the fact is cannabis oil helps people who need it the most.

Source: Healthy Food House


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