The Commonest Reasons Because Of Which You Cannot Reduce Your Body Weight


If you exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy but you simply cannot reduce your body weight, then probably something affects your body. There are various reasons because of which are not able to successfully reduce your body weight.

Here are some of those reasons

  1. Stress’ impact

Stress increases cortisol which destroys muscles and reduce the level of serotonin. This leads to increasing your desire for sweets.

  1. You do not enter enough fats in your body

Our organism needs fats in order to function properly. This is why you need to consume ingredients that have the best types of fat, such as have fish, avocado, olive oil and coconut.

  1. You eat late at night

Skip dinners. When you eat late at night your organism is not able to burn all the fats during night.

  1. Problems with the thyroid gland

Problems linked with the thyroid gland can affect the process of losing weight because this gland is extremely valuable to the whole metabolism.

  1. Poison in the organism

When there is bigger amount of toxins in the body, the hormones’ work will be disturbed, body temperature may decrease and organism’s defensive system to preserve fats will activate. Organism cannot be clean itself of toxins but foods rich in fiber will surely help in this process.

  1. Lack of vitamin D

Fats cannot burn without this vitamin. In case you lack of vitamin D, you can enter it through eating salmon, sardines and cow’s milk.

  1. Lack of sleep

Many people sleep less than 7 hours a day. The consequences are increased blood sugar level and increased stress hormone. Both of these consequences lead to increased desire for food.


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