Coating That Will Help You Get Rid Of Headache And Swollen Legs Within Several Minutes

Besides the fact that this coating will get rid of your headache, it will also normalize your blood pressure and will eliminate leg swellings within several minutes.

In case you are dealing with sharp and excruciating pains – prepare the following saline solution.


1. Prepare gauze with width that will suit your forehead and length that will suit your head’s circumference. The gauze should be consisted of 8 layers.

2. Warm 250 ml of water and dissolve 2 teaspoons of salt in it. This way you will get 8% saline solution.

3. Use warm water in order to clean your forehead, ears and nape.

4. Soak the gauze in the saline solution. Let it cool a bit before you wrap it around your head, ears and nape.

5. In order to fix the coating, put a cotton headscarf over your head.

6. Lie down and let the coating do its magic in the next 20 minutes. You will feel relief within several minutes.

7. Once you remove the coating, rinse your head, ears and nape with warm water.

How does it act?

Salt intake causes swelling and high blood pressure, but salty coating over the skin acts exactly the opposite. Through the skin it stimulates excretion of excess fluids of the body, which means it acts as a diuretic.

You can get rid of leg swelling in another similar way.


1. Dissolve half a kg of salt in cold water.

2. Soak a towel in the resulting Gently squeeze it before you place it onto the lower back area. Let it act for 20 minutes.

3. Repeat this procedure before you go to bed in the next 10 days.

4. The swellings will disappear due to frequent urination.


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