Cleanse Your Lungs From Toxins

Cleanse Your Lungs From Toxins

Cleanse Your Lungs From Toxins

Nicotine is the main culprit and the biggest cause for the occurrence of lung cancer. All those who enjoy daily cigarette smoke are at high risk for developing lung cancer.

Doctors alert us that the best way to save ourselves from lung cancer is to stop smoking and forget about this bad habit. There are different ways to clear the lungs of tar and toxins and one of them is through eating the right food. We will now present foods that can help you purify your lungs.

  • Corn

Corn contains beta-cryptoxanthinn that protects us from lung cancer because is a strong antioxidant. On the other hand, keep in mind that corn in stores is often GMO, and you should eat the one whose origins are uncertain.

  • Ginger

Drink  ginger  tea or eat a piece of ginger with your meal. Ginger will make your breathing easily, also, ginger destroys toxins from the lungs.

  • Selenium

Selenium can be found in various types of fish, such as tuna, salmon, but also can be found in cereals, lamb and eggs.


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