Choose Your Body Shape And Learn How Much Fat You Have


Have you heard about the percentage of body fat? If not, now is the right time for it. After finding about it, it will show you whether you need to lose weight for the right reasons – because of health of course not for appearance.

As much the fat is ugly as much as is needed for normal funcionating of the body, especially at woman. While the man need only 3% body fat to function normal, woman must have at least 10%. This kind of fat cannot be removed neither with exercise, neither with diet. Fats are important for the body for both men and women, although to women more. Without fat we won’t be able to better absorb vitamins and they also have protective role. Of course everything should be in normal and optimal rate and you should be devoted to achieve it with combination of diet and regular exercise.

You maybe now think women like Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox are in this category with smallest percentage of fat but this is not true. They are not in this category of extremely thin women, they only exercise regularly and each muscle can be seen as a result of their devotion. The bodybuilder women have the lowest percentage of fat from the others who have slightly higher rate.

10-12% -- this is the minimum amount of fat in the body and it is impossible to have less than this. We are talking about essential fats who are necessary for life and this kind of percentage have only the bodybuilder women.

15-17% -- less than 20% of body fat have people who actively are part in different sports and athletes. This does not apply to recreational athletes but professionals who deal with sports on daily basics.

20-22% -- this percentage is appearing in women who recreationally are connected with some kind of sport and take care of what food they consume.

25% -- this is one average construction. There is no major overweight but fat is visible around the belly. Women with average construction are in this group and if the percentage is below 30 than it is okay, especially if you have some sport.

30% -- when this percentage is over 30% you eat excessively. Yet is not about obesity but you have visibly overweighed and you need to visit the gym more often.

35% -- you have overweight. For your own health reasons you should deal with this problem and find solution because you already approached the limit of obesity. 

40% -- this is the limit for obesity in women though other say everything over 35% is dangerous. For women are overweighed and have this percentage, this is time for consulting a nutritionist.

45% -- this kind of obesity presents a barrier to health. You probably navigate in difficulty. Seek professional help.

50% -- this group is filled with morbidly obese women.


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