Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for Human Consumption”

It is surprising that a hamburger chef would challenge the integrity of one of the world’s leading fast food franchise; but that’s exactly what Chef Jamie Oliver did.

This chef claimed that the hamburgers made by the McDonald’s fast food chain in the United States comprised of the fatty bits of meat that is rinsed in ammonium hydroxide and then used as a burger filler.

The fast food industry claims that ammonium hydroxide is used to treat the “meat” because on its anti-microbial properties, but then this chemical is harmful to humans and their claim of washing real “meat” is doubtful as the beef in your favourite McDonald’s burger is just processed fat and not pure meat.

Chef Jamie Oliver has been on several talk shows to air his disgust at the very harmful processes that the fast food industry adopt in order to cut costs and rake in unprecedented profits all to the detrimental of consumers’ health.

He stated in one interview that it’s bad enough that the fast food industry is not using high quality meat but that it worsens the situation by treating the meat in ammonium hydroxide which in itself is very dangerous to people’s health and he aptly termed the procedure as the pink slime process.

Even chicken nuggets are not exempted from this bad practice as according to Jamie Oliver the nuggets are made from fried chicken guts, skin and fat.

It seems the negative publicity has gotten McDonald’s to revamp their processes as they recently announced a new burger recipe. However, their Latin American franchise manager vehemently refuted any claims that this unscrupulous practice is prevalent in the South American region of operation as he claimed that only pure meat is used and that the meat used is supplied by local meat dealers in their region.

This is also the case for the franchise in the United Kingdom and Ireland where it seems that meat supplied by meat sellers only is used in making the burgers.

Other fast food chains such as Taco Bell and Burger King have done the right thing by completely stopping the use of ammonium hydroxide to wash their meat even though surprisingly enough the USDA approves the use of this chemical during the production process.

Even though McDonald’s has claimed that they make use of only high quality meat as stated in their policy statement on their official website, their sudden change in recipe raises a few eyebrows and now that they have decided to get rid of the beef fillers for their burgers one can only hope that they use pure beef this time around.

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