Celery and Lemon Against Cholesterol

Celery and Lemon Against Cholesterol

Elevated levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol are common throughout the world. Due to this, there is a great chance of increased risk of getting cardio vascular diseases, which are the number one cause of death. So, we present this simple recipe, that if you practice regularly, will give you excellent results.


  • Three lemons
  • 500 grams of fresh leaves of celery
  • One liter of water


First, boil the water on low fire. After you boiled the water allow it to cool slightly. Wash the lemons well and cut them to pieces, do the same with the celery leaves. Put the lemon and the celery together in a blender and blend them. Once blended, pour the mixture with water and let it stand still overnight. In the morning drain the mixture and place the liquid in a bottle. Drink this mixture every morning and every evening before meals.

With regular use of this recipe, cholesterol and triglycerides levels will be normalized in just three months.


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